Uploading Your tracks

Learn everything you need to know about getting your music up on ENGAGE and making sure you benefit out of our wide ranging track management and publishing features.

Uploading Your tracks

My tracks aren’t uploading. Why?

  1. We currently accept 2 audio formats for upload from our website and app. mp3 and .wav.  If you have uploaded one of these formats and it still doesnt upload, there may be several reasons for this, including a limited internet connection or a corrupt file. In most cases, if you refresh the page and try again, it should work.
  2. My upload doesn’t even begin . What could be wrong? Try using the latest version of modern browsers like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Also check if you are behind a firewall or VPN as that may be blocking the upload process.
  3. If you’re using a strong and direct connection and You still experience upload issues, we recommend switching it up with another connection and see if it works. If that works, then the issue is your connection and we suggest trying a different one, if possible. You can also try uploading from a different laptop or phone to try to get to the heart of the issue.
  4. Still not working? Get in touch with us and We’ll do it for You.

I cant add genres of my own to the Tags list. Why?

To ensure the best possible access and visibility to your music, We need to standardize tags that closely resemble the most popular genres available, while making sure all artists find the genres they associate with. If you feel a strong need to add a genre of your own to our database, contact us and We will review your request.

What’s the maximum upload size?

The default upload size limit is 150 MB per track. We do however, increase this limit on your account to 400 MB per track once You’ve  made a few sales of at least $15 (total) or more.

Does ENGAGE acquire ownership rights of my music?

We do not acquire any copyrights or ownership of your music. Read our Terms of Use for full detail. We do however, reserve the rights to host the music you upload, sell it on your behalf (if you choose to enable paid downloads), display whatever lyrics and artwork you publish to the site, etc.

Can I upload my own covers , mix tapes, mashups or remixes to ENGAGE?

We require that you control or own all the rights to the content you upload. Our Terms of Use details copyright and content ownership here.

Why am I required to add an album name when uploading a track?

We have structured our website and app distribution process to facilitate independent artists to sell the albums they create easily. One way of doing this is choosing an album to add a track upload to. This lets you control individual pricing as well as album pricing and give you greater flexibility over distributing and sharing options.

What is “Full length” vs. “Preview length” ?

Choosing full length gives you the option of letting fans hear your track in its entirety without having to pay for it. You can still choose the option of “Let buyers pay more if they wish” on a track that is free and playable at full length.

The preview length option is great for generating sales on your track. It gives you the option to provide a timeframe on your track that sounds best and in turn, motivates your fan to buy the track so they can listen to the full version.

What is the benefit of preview length, vs. limiting full track plays like other platforms do?

We do not limit plays on tracks that are full length if you wish to sell those tracks. We maintain a democratized system where artists can choose if they want their fans to play an entire track for free but having a purchase option, as well as play a preview version and purchase the track as well. Limiting plays on a full-playable track that is being sold by an artist does not make sense because fans will play a track only a certain amount of times before they stop listening to it. And the boost in sales from preview tracks are testament of this.

Why do you have a dimension cropper on the track and profile pictures?

To ensure consistency in the look and feel or our app and website, the cropper needs to do its thing. This benefits You as well because fans get used to a certain way screens and pages should look , and an inconsistent experience would mean higher drop off rates and lower plays and likes on your tracks.

I added lyrics and credits to my track. Where can I see them?

You can see your tracks’ lyrics and credits on the player screen of our app and website. on the website, there are 2 icons denoted by the lyrics and credits signage, whereas on the app they can be viewed by clicking the “expand” icon just below the player area. Our app also lets listeners auto scroll through the lyrics if they need to sing along.

We highly encourage You to add lyrics as it gets indexed into Google searches. This brings higher visibility and sales to your tracks.

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