Selling your tracks

Learn about how to sell your music on ENGAGE. Tips, tricks and support on selling fundamentals

Selling your tracks

I have my music selling elsewhere on places like Bandcamp and Beatport. Why should I sell it on ENGAGE?

While You may still continue to sell your music on places like Bandcamp and Beatport, selling on ENGAGE comes with a range of unique benefits. To begin with, we charge the lowest per – track revenue share on each sale, at a low 10% per track or album + payment processor fees. This means you get to keep more from your track sales when you sell on ENGAGE. Additionally, our primary focus for fans is the discovery experience. You will see this in our music feed, player features, purchase options as well as with unique features like ENMATE and “Post to feed”. These features place your tracks intelligently into the viewing zones of listeners who are most likely to engage with your music.

Do you have a pro or premium account option?

No. Our money is primarily made off track revenue share on original music. Uploading and publishing your music to ENGAGE is totally free.

How do I make money and get paid?

To make money from your music, simply add a price to each track (see pricing tips below). When a fan or listener comes across your track and goes on to purchase the track, 10% of the track amount is credited to us as revenue share and the rest of the amount is deposited into your PayPal account. For example: If you sell Track X for $3, You receive $2.70 in your PayPal account and we receive $0.30. Before selling your music, we highly recommend that you update your PayPal email address in the “edit profile” section in order to ensure you are receiving payments in the right account. To sell albums, You’ll need to download and install our app.

Do I need a PayPal business account to earn money?

If you are an independent artist with no contractual obligations on royalties, revenue share or operate without a registered license, You do not need a PayPal business account to collect money from fans. You should however remit the appropriate taxes on your earnings (wherever applicable) to the relevant agencies.

Where can I see my sales reports?

You can see a detailed summary of your track and album sales in our mobile app under the “dashboard” section. We provide key insights such as best days of the week for sales, sales per track and even the possibility to start conversations with the fans who bought your tracks!

How do you handle taxes?

It is your solely your responsibility to remit the appropriate taxes on your earnings to the appropriate and relevant taxing agency.

Can I limit my track sales to a specific region?

Not at the moment. We make all tracks uploaded to ENGAGE , available worldwide.

How can I make the best out of my pricing?

Pricing your tracks and albums needs a bit of practice. The best part about our pricing feature is that it gives you the flexibility to charge whatever you want and change it whenever you need to. This allows you to see what pricing works best and most consistently over time and genres.

Selling albums:
When you sell albums from our app, the default price of the album shows up as the sum of the total price of all tracks in that album. For example, if You have 2 tracks selling at $2 each, the default album price will be $4. You can set a custom price for the album but it cannot be less than half the total price of all tracks in the album. So, in the example above You would not be able to set an album price of less than $2. We’ve found that selling an album for about 10-15% less than the total of the price of all tracks in the album gets best results and sales. So if an album has tracks that total up to $10, price the album at around $8 or $9.

To sell an album, You must have at least 1 track uploaded to your account. Then  go to “My albums”, tap on the album name and then click on the “Sell” button at the top right area of your screen.

Selling tracks:
Individual track sales really depend on the kind of production and genre You’re going to publish to ENGAGE. For example, an Electro House mix that has original stems, samples and roots could sell between $1 – $3. Do your research by asking friends who have sold on other platforms like iTunes and BeatPort and try and better than pricing. Remember, there are several factors that affect Your volume of sales- These include sharing and visibility of the track, word of mouth from fans and the quality of the production of the track itself.

Using “Let buyers pay more if they want”
By checking this option, You let fans pay more than the price You’ve set for a specific track. The nice thing about this is that fans who are passionate about your band, music or work will want to support your cause by paying more if they can.

To sell a track, simple enter a price in the price field while uploading your track to ENGAGE. Before doing this, make sure you have the right PayPal email address listed in your profile so you can have the money deposited into the right account. Go to edit profile.

If I upload my music to ENGAGE, will you distribute it to other platforms like iTunes and Amazon?

We do not provide distribution services at this time. We are an independent platform and work as a direct artist – to – fan storefront.

What are some good ways to promote the tracks I publish on ENGAGE?

Since we host the tracks You upload to ENGAGE, all tracks and albums acquire unique URL’s. This means you can share the tracks on social media, emails or even through messaging services like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Sharing your tracks through our mobile app give You increased flexibility to share your newly published tracks with followers, on your home feed and even on social media.

We’ve found that maintaining a scheduled sharing time over these channels and updating your fans about new tracks is extremely effective and has proven to boost plays, likes and direct sales.

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