Account fundamentals

Learn everything about managing your ENGAGE account

Account fundamentals

I’m having trouble logging in. What can I do?

If You’re having trouble remembering your password, go to our reset password page. You will receive a password reset link. Ensure You use a new password that is secure and easily recalled. If you have absolutely forgotten all your account details, contact us here with your name and other details and We’ll help you get back in.

How do I delete my account?

Visit your settings page and click “Delete This account” button.

How do I change my password?

Visit your settings page and click “change password” button on the website or app.

What is the best format and dimensions for my profile and track pictures?

We recommend uploading .jpg or .png files at a minimum dimension of 800 x 500 pixels. Since your pictures are displayed in a more horizontally oriented fashion, the image cropper works in that style too.

Can I change by profile page link?

Yes You can, however it is subject to availability. Go to “Edit Profile” and try typing in a new name in the profile link field. If available, hit Save to apply your new profile page URL name.

What are the different ways in which fans can discover my profile and music?

As soon as you publish changes or track to your profile, our search indexing starts. While you may see your profile in search results immediately, there are cases in which it may take a few minutes to appear. Fans can discover your profile in our main website and app search, within the “For You” tab of our app (in case your music or profile matches up with listener preferences) , and in the home feed in case it has been shared by other artists or fans. A great way to get discovered is by trying to get maximum plays on your track by sharing it in social media. When you get higher plays, likes and comments, our app algorithm does its magic and places your music in the top 20 charts, trending music and recommended artists. Once you gain this level of visibility, the world is your playground.

How can I add links to my social accounts on my ENGAGE profile?

Go here. Click the “social profile” tab and add links to common social media pages.

Where can I change notifications and privacy settings on my account?

Go here. For notifications however, we recommend leaving most of them checked as its the best way to stay up to date on how your profile and tracks are performing in terms of engagement, sales and acquiring new followers.

How do I discover new fans and artists to follow?

Our “Discover” section is the best place to start. On our website, You’ll see the discover button in the top navigation bar and in the mobile app You’ll find it inside the burger menu on the top left. Using the discovery tool, You can find artists by genre, Top 20 performers, trending in specific locations and also by popular ranked play-sets. If you already have someone in mind, just use the search option at the top of the app or website. Once you find someone you like to follow or start a conversation with, simply hit the “Follow” button on their profile.

What is “Play History” and “Add to Listen Later“?

The play history section is available in the app only and gives you access to all the the tracks you played previously. Add to Listen Later provides you with the option to add a specific track to a queue in order to hear it at another time should you desire.

I want to see all my track purchases. Where are they?

To see and play all the tracks you have purchased from other artists on ENGAGE, go to “My Purchases” once logged in to either the website or app.



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