Managing Audio, Play-sets and Albums

Manage track data, audio settings and more.

Managing Audio, Play-sets and Albums

What is the quality of audio streaming on ENGAGE?

We maintain a Play as Uploaded policy at ENGAGE. This means the audio quality outputted on our app or website is exactly the same as the original file uploaded by the artist. We do not compress or reduce quality of sound during the upload process . (as most streaming services do unless you subscribe to a pro account). We recommend uploading .wav files for lossless and high quality playback. If you upload .mp3 files, ensure you output the file 160 kbps or higher. We play it as is, totally free. 

Why don’t You have an embedded player like most other sites?

Embedded players are so 2012. We now live in a mobile app and social media driven world and have noticed a sharp decline in band websites, blogs and landing pages. This is because more artists are turning to all -inclusive audio hosting platforms like ENGAGE to do the marketing, sharing and ground work for them. We do not have plans to include an embedded player for our platform in the near future. If you wish you share your music from ENGAGE, you can simply use the share icon and place it on a variety of networks including Facebook, Google, Twitter and email.

How do I create a Play – set?

Playsets are essentially Playlists (Playlist is so mainstream). You can add a track to a play-set by simply hitting the Add to play-set icon (below the track bars on the website and in the context menu of the player in the app)

How do I create an album?

To create an album You need to upload a track to your profile.

On website:
On our website, click on the “Upload” button in the top navigation bar. After selecting the track to upload, enter an Album name in the “Album” field. Then hit the TAB key to create the album.

On app:
Once logged into the app, click the upload button in the middle of the footer of the app. If You have not created an album before, You will be requested to create one at the first step and then proceed to adding a track to that album.

Where can I edit and manage the tracks I’ve uploaded to ENGAGE?

Once logged in, You can click on “My Music” in the side menus of our website or app.

How do I see statistics about my tracks?

To see detailed statistics on plays, sales and general track performance, install our app and go to “Dashboard” in the side menu. To see the number of plays on individual tracks, click on the track and go to the track player. You’ll see the number of plays right under the wave bars.


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