All about starting and maintaining conversations with fans, followers and artists on ENGAGE


How do I send messages to people on ENGAGE?

Message conversations are a feature available only on the app at this time. You can send messages to your followers, people who follow You and fans who have purchased your music (If you are an artist selling music on ENGAGE). To create a new message, hit the “Message” icon in the footer bar of the app and tap on “Start conversation”. You can then start typing the name of the person you wish to start a conversation with.

Can I share music with others inside a conversation?

Yes You can. At the moment we allow sharing music You’ve uploaded to ENGAGE only. If you discover other tracks inside the ENGAGE app from our discover section or the Home feed section, those tracks can be shared in conversations too. Links from other services such as Youtube, SoundCloud, and Beat Port will not be parsed or processed inside the messaging screen.

How do I block a person from chatting with me?

In the conversation screen, tap the context menu at the top right of the screen and choose “Block”. You can unblock the person at anytime.

Do you provide a muting feature for conversations?

Yes. To mute a conversation, tap the context menu at the top right of the screen and choose “Mute conversation”. You will not get notifications about this conversation anymore up until you “un – mute” it from this menu.

There was a super cool track shared by someone in a conversation, but I cant seem to find it. What do I do?

The best place to start looking for content within messages is the search bar at the top of the conversations list. Enter keywords like track name, or perhaps a phrase used in the conversation.

Can someone message me if I have blocked them?

No they cannot. To start receiving messages from a person again, visit their profile from the app, tap the context menu and hit “Unblock”.

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