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What is ENMATE?

ENMATE is an automated and customized play-set that curates the best music from our database and queues it for You based on your music taste and listening preferences. Simply hit the play button and enjoy the music.

Can I use ENMATE on ENGAGE’s website?

At the moment, ENGAGE is a feature that is exclusive to our mobile app.

Can I change the music ENMATE plays for me?

Although You cannot explicitly tell ENMATE what to play for You, You have the option to customize the type of music it queues into the player. To do this, hit the “customize” option in the context menu of the player.

What’s the difference between a playset and ENMATE?

A playset is created inside Your profile and the music added and removed from to the playset is completely in Your control. ENMATE is a playset created by Us for You and based on your listening history and preferences, so consequently, adding and removing tracks from ENMATE is not possible.


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